Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Ghana!

Hello Everyone!
I apologize for the long break without writing, but it turns out that internet at the University is not the easiest thing to come by. Apparently, once classes start, I can buy good internet, for quite cheap, but that won't happen until Monday at the earliest, so don't hold your breaths, haha.
Luckily, the Office of International Programs has a computer lab, so we started our morning here to get re-connected with the world. I am doing quite well so far. Our first three days in Ghana were wonderful, we stayed at a hotel where they spoiled us with good food and air conditioning. On Monday we were dropped off at the University (I didn't get a homestay, so I am living in The Pentagon, which is with other Ghanian and Nigerian students) and settled in to our new living situations. Monday and Tuesday were both really overwhelming, but now things are getting better. I live in a suite with 5 other girls (3 rooms, two people per room). One of whom is another CIEE participant. I've met two other suite mates (my room mate isn't here yet) and they both seem really nice, which gives me a lot of hope for the semester.
Registration here makes me so thankful for the simpleness of registration at home. Here you go from department to department and look up what classes they're offering (keep in mind, this is a school of 40,000 students, the campus is HUGE!) and then hope they have the place and time listed (which they generally don't) and then attempt to create a schedule. Yesterday was spent trying to find the departments and classes they offer and today or tomorrow I will try to actually register with the office for the class. Sure makes Morris' registration seem like a breeze.
It is incredibly hot and humid here, but I think my body is slowly getting used to it. It's hard to picture all of you in Minnesota and your below zero weather.
Hopefully I can update soon, but if not, just means (like a lot of things in Ghana) people are taking their time and I need to wait a little longer for it to happen. :)


Carolyn said...

This sounds a lot like what my parents had to do back when they were at the UW in the later 70s, early 80s. They had to run from building to building and sometimes they would have to start all over.

Jamie said...

yeah, that sounds incredibly overwhelming compared to my "here's a schedule, no changing allowed." glad the flatmates are nice, hope they stay fun to live with!