Friday, January 16, 2009

It's been a week

I woke up this morning and realized today that I have been here for one week. And I can tell. Everything is getting better and easier to handle. I am remembering to take toilet paper with me everywhere and to wash my hands every two hours or so. My backpack always has sunscreen, purell, and two waterbottles full of water. These are the basic necessities. Oh, and a couple cedis (dollars) and pesewas (cents) for food or other random items throughout the day.
Yesterday I ventured down to the Bush Canteen and back and didn't get lost and didn't get cheated by the people in the market. I was very pleased with myself. The campus, while being huge, is slowly making sense. I know where the International Programs Office is and I know where the CIEE office is (both of which are air conditioned). Those are the two main places I would go to for help with anything, so I'm glad I can get to each of them. I also know how to get to the two main buildings where my lectures will be. Now I just can't be late to class. Apparently if you're late to class, there is no point to going. For one, you probably won't have a spot, and for another, the professor will find it very disrespectful and ask you to leave class. So I will definitely be leaving on time.
I have been able to register for one class so far, and it is a sociology class on Culture, Gender, and Reproductive Health. I'm excited for it because I think it will be a very different perspective than anything in the states. My other classes I apparently can't sign up for until Monday, even though teaching starts then, so that should be interesting.
Tonight I am going to Clara's host family for dinner, so it should be another good adventure on a tro-tro, and it will be nice to get off campus.
Enjoy your weekends everyone!
p.s. For those of you in MN, the high in Ghana today is 93 degrees, feeling like 98. :)


Tasha said...

You are going to die a death the opposite of ours (warm instead of cold).

Jamie said...

well done greta! congrats to us for being here a week. like you, i cannot be late to class- i am struggling with this.

h. irene j. said...

I find that funny about coming to class late. Attendance policies don't translate well into Russian academic culture.