Sunday, February 1, 2009

God Is Great Cosmetics

The humidity here absolutely baffles me. How can you stand somewhere and sweat??!! I don't get it! I'm not moving, I'm not doing anything, why must I sweat??!! This morning was laundry day, which you do by hand, and I had showered and was somewhat cool. Then I spent an hour, in the sun, scrubbing away, and I was soaked, and it was NOT from my laundry water. I look forward to being back at home where I can take HOT showers and not sweat profusely by just walking to class. We had a nice break from the humidity last week, but then it came back strong this week, and apparently we were lucky to even have a break for all of last week, I guess it's not very common.

I am taking two sociology and two political science classes. The sociology ones are: Culture, Gender & Reproductive Health and Penology. And the two poli sci are: Human Rights in Africa and Regionalism & Ethnicity in Ghana. My classes are HUGE and the profs just lecture. I mean, all they do is lecture. And you frantically take notes, and try to understand their words, and then hope that a nice Nigerian or Ghanaian is sitting by you so you can ask them what the prof said. Also, even though we have had two weeks of classes, my Penology class has yet to meet. I dunno where the prof is, but apparently coming to class is not the big concern. One my suitemates said that once Feb 6th comes (the add/drop deadline) then my prof will probably show up, but no guarantees So we'll see what happens there.

One of the neatest things here with the animals are the lizards and they are EVERYWHERE! Minnesota has squirrels the way that Ghana has lizards. They're awesome though and I love seeing them everywhere. They scurry around everywhere and don't seem to mind being around people. They also seem to change colors when they're in the sun. I want to try to learn more about them, but I have no idea who I would even ask.

Other random fact about Ghana, church is everywhere here. Especially on campus, but throughout Ghana, there are references to God no matter where you go. The turn for the orphanage I volunteer at is right after God Is Great Cosmetics, but before In God's Hands Mechanics. And signs like those can be found almost everywhere. On campus though, there are church services happening all the time. And on Sundays (today) it seems like it goes all day long. I woke to service at 5:30, and then again at 7:30 (probably the same mass). Throughout the day I hear different prayers and chants, and then the real kicker is Sunday nights, when there is a “small” service in the building behind my dorm, there they turn up the volume as loudly as possible and sing and chant and speak in tongues for three and a half hours. It's a good time. I'm sure soon enough I'll get used to it, but for now, it's weird to go places and always have religion being pushed in my face. I know people mean well and are just trying to show me their beliefs, but sometimes I feel like it's a little bit of intrusion on my personal beliefs.

Happy Beginning of February to you all!


Jamie said...

wow.. that's intense, both the religious fervor and the humidity.

"minnesota has squirrels the way gahna has lizards" is my favorite sentance tho.

Colin Welch said...

Religion has been removed from society in the same way that all american "institutions" have been: racism, sexism, community, neighborhoods, etc. Everything is very behind closed doors here, and other places it's really not.