Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Address!

Most importantly, I have a mailing address for you all! It should only cost 98 cents to send me one, and I'm sure you all love me enough to at least spend one dollar on me. :) The address is:

Greta Simons
c/o Kwasi Gyasi-Gyamerah
Private Mail Bag 31
University of Ghana
Legon, Ghana, West Africa

In other news:

I've been without water since Sunday night. The water has been iffy for the past week, so I've been using bucket baths, but at least the spigot in my suite was working. Now though, with no water in the suite, in order to shower I have to bring my bucket to the spigot in the courtyard and then haul it up four flights of stairs. I don't mind using the bucket, but I could do without all the hauling.

My weeks are starting to form a pattern and I'm getting some sort of a schedule down. Tuesdays generally have down time until the afternoon, when I have my Human Rights in Africa class and then go from there to Pizza Inn (it's buy one, get one free on Tuesdays) to meet up with other CIEE folk, and then back to my dorm to do readings for my Penology course. My days tend to pick up the pace once the afternoon rolls around, mainly because there are things to do, and then at night, all of us in Pentagon hang out together. It tends to be that the mornings are the hardest time of day for me, because there's lots of free time, so I tend to think about being home. I don't have class on Fridays, so generally a group of us go to a beach and just relax and do nothing producitve. Don't worry, I wear lots of sunscreen!

I leave for home in exactly three months from tomorrow, which seems crazy! Even though the days go slowly, the weeks go fast, and I know that May 18th will be here before I know it! Right now I am just at the point where I am really missing foods from home. Baby carrots, leafy lettuce, and cheese are a high priority for when I get home. :)

This weekend will hopefully be an adventure to Shaii Hills Reserve, but we're having some troubles figuring out the details, so we'll see.

Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you all!

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Jamie said...

long days fast weeks are the perfect way to describe it. liek you i try to keep myself busy so as not to get homesick.

tried sending you a post, but i don't think it had enough postage! (postlady and i had a communication failure...) so i;ll try again.